Storage London

Storage Options

There are many options for storage in London and the most popular is Self Storage as there are many large chain companies that provide storage and then there is trade storage, the difference will be explained below.

Self Storage

Self Storage in London allows you to lock the unit with your own padlock and you can access your goods whilst the building is open, you will need to organise the storage yourself. This is the most popular option as the large chain type self storage companies out there can offer some fantastic bargains on short term storage. Shurgard can offer the first months storage for £1 if you know what you are doing, Big Yellow will sometimes offer the first 4-8 weeks half price and Safestore can normally do a price match. If you would like more advice on which company will be best for you situation please give us a call on 0800-211-8482

Trade Storage

We can provide storage services for you, this is not the same as self storage because we will organise the storage for you and it is not so easy for you to access whilst there. This option can be cheaper if you are storing for longer than three months and you don't need to access the contents of the unit whilst it is there. It is also handy if you don't want to visit the storage, we will offer you advice on what is the best option for you if you are still not sure.

Preparation For Storage

You have to consider that your goods will be handled twice as much when being moved into storage and if you choose to look for something whilst your goods are in storage then it is more likely that your goods will be handled even more that necessary. We always recommend letting the removals team do all the packing for storage and include a furniture wrapping service to make sure your goods have that little extra protection.