London Removals

Due to the high demand for our service we are able to provide a proffesional service for removals London, if you are looking for a fantastic removal service in London then you have come to the right place! We provide the following services:
Office Removals London
Export Packing London
We sell boxes
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Domestic Removals London

We have been specialising in the art of removals since 2006, and have progressed from being a one man outfit with a single vehicle handling small local removals North London and small commercial removals and deliveries in North London, to being a well established company providing profesional domestic removals in North London and commercial removals in London. Whether you have a small domestic removals service to complete or require large scale commercial removals, we can accommodate your request. We are a North West London Removals company and this is where we operate from.
If you are planning a removal then you have two options:

Home Removals Survey 

During the survey you can have a discussion regarding all the finer details of your planned removals service. Once the details have been talked over our services will then be explained to you in detail and the surveyor will suggest the best way to execute your removal, so that we can meet the exact requirements of your move, and then a quotation can be calculated. At the end we will be able to provide you with a tailor made service to meet your needs.

Hourly Rate

You may prefer to be in control of your removal, in which case we you may choose our hourly rates. Our hourly rates will start upon arrival at your address and finish when you are satisfied that everything is in the correct place in your new home. If your removal starts or finishes outside the London area then you may have to pay for part of the journey back.
Although we are a removals company in North West London, we provide removals in London and around London, so if you require domestic removals North London, removals North West London, removals West London, removals In East London or removals in central London then we can certainly help you with your move.  Once you have a good look at our website you will be able to get a feel for what we offer; and to see if we are as cost effective as we claim to be, you can also view our testimonials and this will show that you are also getting very good value for money.
Whichever option you choose for your London Removals service is not an issue because you will still recieve the same friendly and professional service as always from our team and offie staff.
make simply send us an email or call our sales team on 0800 211 8482
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Commercial Removals North London

Whatever the size of company you have, when it comes to moving premises you will have a serious undertaking on your hands. Given that you are going to be busy running your business in terms of day-to-day responsibilities, it makes sense to look for assistance from a professional firm of commercial movers. However we don’t mean this in the sense of you employing lots of man-power to help with the physical move, such as helping with the moving of desks, table and chairs and filing cabinets. When it comes to the moving of a work place or office we know that it can be a time consuming and complex process that involves many different people to be employed at different stages of the process with different roles. Put simply, the involvement of professional experience is essential as the move of somewhere like a library or ward in a hospital is a complex logistical exercise. Office removals in north London or anywhere else around is absolutely no problem at all for our team, so make sure to get in touch if you think we can help you with a move. It’s important to bear in mind that building a good relationship is essential to a successful move, whether you are talking about commercial or residential, and to this end we aim to fully understand what you or your company requires of us, and then we can proceed in the right direction.

House Removals North London

We are able to handle any size move, and do not only specialise in large scale removals. So whether you are looking for a company to handle a small move, or whether you are looking for a firm to help you with your first move we can help. Students are often in need of help with a small move when they move out of University or college dorms, and we all face the time when we move into our first move, and on both these occasions having a company that can help you with what can be a stressful event is very useful. As our warehouse is based in Northwest London, we can easily accommodate any furniture removal in London to anywhere in the country, so make sure to get in touch so we can arrange to meet you and then calculate a quote. You may find that you are eligible for a part load service if we decide that what you have to move does not constitute a full move. An additional service that we provide is what we refer to as ‘removal pool’, which means that you are able to share one of our regular runs, which are scheduled to go up and down the country. Our trucks are always on the move and we have many years of experience moving all manner of objects from items in office removals London such as filing cabinets to precious heirlooms, to places all over the country.

Achieving a Successful Move

In our long experience we have found that the key to a successful move is through a partnership, and having a full understanding of the needs of the company that is moving. In order for a move to be completed correctly, within budget and on time meticulous planning is required as well as the impeccable execution of the job involved. In terms of business removals London and modern commercial moves of any kind, it is vital that the company moving is involved with the process at the beginning, and the earlier the better to ensure a successful outcome. We have found that being involved at the concept stage where we can provide an initial study of both the cost and feasibility of the project, will aid the overall planning process. Furthermore we can then more accurately establish the amount of time the move is likely to take, the level of disruption that the firm moving will experience, and how involved the staff of the company moving will be. Our involvement doesn’t have to end there though. Once the decision has been taken for us to proceed we can manage the entire project until completion, which we believe is the best way for you to have the project properly managed in the most efficient and ultimately effective manner. Office removals London and elsewhere will doubtless benefit from the responsibility remaining in one place, as this is the best way to ensure no confusion at any stage of the moving process.

Well Looked After

When it comes to the move itself, we take great care to ensure your goods and possessions are well taken care of. From either your home or office we will collect the items that need moving, and have them professionally boxed and wrapped. They will then be moved and sealed in removals vehicle before they leave your premises, whether that’s home or office removals North London or elsewhere in the country. Once complete, our vehicles will be loaded and driven to our storage facilities. Here the containers will be unloaded and carefully stacked until you are ready to receive your goods back from us. During the time they are in storage, everything is kept safe by virtue of 24 hours security and CCTV surveillance. We enable access at any time, so if you happen to need a particular item in the middle of the night, you are welcome to come to the warehouse to retrieve it. Given one of our primary objectives is customer satisfaction, we can deliver and collect crates to suit your needs, and you are also able to self store in any of our containers. We recommend that you come and view our premises to see how well they will be kept, but please make note of the following. When it comes to storing your goods, make sure all items are labelled clearly, and this applies to business removals northwest London or a residential move from elsewhere in London, or anywhere else in the country.

Moving made Simple

A large percentage of our work is made up of part loads, which includes moving students out of halls of residence, and young people moving into a new home, which is often in a new town. Other part load jobs include families moving treasured heirlooms from their home to another member of their family’s home in another part of the country. This particular type of job is also well suited to office removals Barnet or other areas around Mill Hill that are looking to sell furniture or similar large effects via the internet. Sometimes companies will want to simply get rid of some unwanted furniture which they would want to be handled with care to ensure that the sale goes through without a problem, and we are someone that companies have been placing their trust in for 5 years. Any moves that we consider to be part loads are treated as one week windows; this means we guarantee to pick up your load within one week of agreeing to take on the job. In most cases we are quicker than this, but it depends mainly on where you live and our availability. By agreeing to this flexible date, you and your company can enjoy significant savings compared to our standard pricing. So if you are looking for removals in northwest London and think your move constitutes a part load, get in touch and we can work towards getting your items moved as soon as possible.